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Featured Events:

STRAWBERRY DIPPING SESSION - 45 MIN ($10.00 per person + HST )
Sure mostly everyone knows how to dip strawberries in chocolate, BUT can you tuxedo up your strawberries? Your group will be taken into our chocolate making facility where they will learn new ways to dress up their strawberries and have hands on experience making them. By the time your guest leave CFX they will be ready to entertain in style and the best part...they get to take home their creations.  (Less than 8 ppl add $5.00 pp)

CHOCOLATE BAR CHALLENGE - 1.5hrs  ($28 per person + HST)
Here is your chance to be a chocolate bar designer. When your group arrives at CFX they will be given a brief history on Chocolate as well a brief tutorial on handling it. Your guests will be divided into small groups and each member in the group will be given the opportunity to create their own Chocolate Bar to add to an ultimate line of chocolate bars as well as have the opportunity to name it and brand them. Once they have completed their amazing new creation and brand they will have to present to the rest of the groups and our Chocolate FX chocolatier what their bar represents and the story behind it. After the groups have presented our Chocolate FX chocolatier will select a winning group based on creativity, presentation and originality.  Every guest will get to take home their own creations BUT the winning team will receive a special CFX gift.  (Less than 8 ppl add $5.00 pp)

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE MAKING CLASS - 2 hrs  ( $45 per person + HST )
The art of making Chocolate Truffles can be very difficult but its all worth it when you put that divine chocolate morsel into your mouth and taste the cool creaminess as it melts on your tongue leaving you satisfied and relaxed.  If that description left you craving some chocolate truffles then this is the experience for your group. When you arrive at CFX your guests will be paired with one of our professional chocolatiers who will guide them in making truffles from making the ganache to the finished truffle. Each guest will get to take home their creations to share with friends and family.  (Who are we kidding here, they won ’t even make it out the door!) (Less than 8 ppl add $5.00 pp)

WINE & CHOCOLATE TASTING - 1.5 - 2 HRS  ( $45 per person + HST )
Being in the heart of Wine Country what better way to complete your experience in Niagara than having your guests experience a Wine & Chocolate Tasting. We have partnered up with our local wineries to create an amazing experience. When your group arrives at CFX they will be taken for a short tour and then will be led into our private tasting area where their experience will begin with a structured tasting of 3 award winning local wines specially paired with a selection of our handmade chocolates. Your guests will learn the art of pairing wine and chocolate from our wine artesian. At the end of the experience your group will have the opportunity to take part in a chocolate strawberry dipping session where they will get to take home some treats to remember their experience.  That is until they eat it!  (Less than 8 ppl add $5.00 pp)

OH LOLLI LOLLIPOP– 45 min to 1 hr ($10.00 per person + HST )
Have you ever wanted to work in a chocolate factory?  Make your own lollipop using melted chocolate, candy molds and a little finesse.  You might even sneak in a lick of the spoon.  Learn how to decorate it right down to making the bow and bagging it!  This class is great for meetings.  You can use our facility for your meeting and leave with a little extra sugar.  Chocolate never looked so good!   This class is great for children too!  (Less than 8 ppl add $5.00 pp)


Looking for that unique experience for your

child’s birthday party?



  • Your child and guests will be transformed into “Chocolatiers” for the day!

  • Learn about chocolate creations by molding, dipping and decorating creations



  • 2 hour party including a guided tour inside the chocolate factory

  • Hands on experience while creating a decorated chocolate bar, a chocolate molded sucker, a chocolate dipped strawberry, a chocolate covered pretzel & licorice decorated with sprinkles, all packaged to take home.

  • Party room provided for birthday refreshments and gift opening!

  • MINIMUM ATTENDANCE 8 children @ $24.88 additional guests $12.00

  • 50% deposit is required at time of booking to confirm reservation

  • Names and number of children attending must be confirmed 3 days in advance

  • Food & allergy concerns must be identified before the party

  • Children under 4 years of age require parental supervision


  • Please leave party room clean and tidy


For party bookings, call 905-684-2626


Chocolate F/X Inc., 335 Four Mile Creek Road, St. Davids, NOTL, Ontario

* Prices, packages subject to change without notice. 

Special Events:

- 45 MIN ($10.00 per person + HST) ***Minimum 8 ppl***

CHOCOLATE BAR CHALLENGE - 1.5hrs  ($28 per person + HST)  ***Minimum 8 ppl***

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE MAKING CLASS - 2 hrs  ($45 per person + HST) ***Minimum 4 ppl***

WINE & CHOCOLATE TASTING - 1.5 - 2 HRS  ($45 per person + HST)***Minimum 8 ppl***

OH LOLLI LOLLIPOP– 45 min to 1 hr ($10.00 per person + HST) ***Minimum 8 ppl***

Call 905-684-2626 or
Toll Free 1-866-360-1660 to schedule classes.
If you required more information please do not hesitate to ask.

"If you can't dip it in Chocolate, it's not worth eating!"


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